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What is Mémora International’s activity? 
- Mémora International is a centralised platform for national and international transfers, with a single interlocutor who will manage all the formalities, both at origin and destination, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Repatriation management.
In which countries are services offered?
- In every country in the world, making it a benchmark company in international services, in the main consulates, embassies, collectives and airlines.
Through active participation in associations such as FIAT-IFTA (the organisation for funeral operatives around the world), EFFS (the European organisation for the sector), and the Latin American organisation, ALPAR (Latin American Association of Cemeteries and Funeral Services), Mémora International has a wide network of partners all over the world and is an influential actor on the international map of funeral services.

Is it a new service?
- This department has already been operating for 10 years in Portugal, and is equipped with the know-how needed to run an international platform. It has been in Spain since 2010. In the past, each funeral company in the Group offered the service locally under its own criteria of conditions and price. The international platform is an added value to Mémora Group’s international services.

What advantages does it offer the family of the deceased?
- All the arrangements are handled by a single interlocutor, who will deal with all the formalities in the country of origin and in the country of destination, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism. From the country of origin to the final destination, the interlocutor will also advise the family directly and personally as regards local customs, legislation, and administrative formalities.
In relation to the services of insurance companies or support platforms the main advantages are the same: a single interlocutor, and a broad, personal service thanks to the Mémora network, the network of funeral partners and our support centres. All of this comes with the confidence of belonging to Mémora Group, the leader in funeral services, funeral homes, crematoriums and cemetery management in the Iberian Peninsula. Mémora Group manages 125 funeral homes, 26 crematoriums, 23 cemeteries, and has 1,200 professionals.   

What are steps are involved in the repatriation process?
- Through the international platform and our network, we prepare quotes for clients, and coordinate operations and contacts with the family and with clients, whether in Spain, Portugal or another country, and with the funeral company in the place where the death occurred. We guarantee the efficiency needed for repatriation services, ensuring that the necessary documentation is obtained, the legalisation of the documentation, from the initial contact with the family and/or client to the contracting of freight. 

See this page for more information about how to handle repatriation

Which are the most usual destinations? 
- The United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Germany, Norway, Romania, Holland, and Ecuador.  

What means of transport are used for transfers?
- Normally, airplane, or by road if the distances are relatively short.

How are the services performed abroad?
- Through agreements with the main national and international operators in the sector, collectives and communities, consulates and embassies, and the main air transport companies.

Why does Mémora International have a mobile mortuary?
- This forms part of the company's resources for managing major disasters and emergencies. The company has teams and protocols with excellent response capacity, ready to act in these situations.

Who are the main clients? Do they include many individuals?
- We serve individuals, who account for more or less 25% of our services, but our clients are mainly insurance companies, English, German and Nordic repatriation platforms, major French funeral groups and, lastly, consulates around the world.